article writing projects keys to convince buyers to entrust them to you

This article is for those freelance writers who are having a hard time getting potential buyers in awarding article writing projects to them. As a freelancer, you must understand that the amount of money you’ll make in this endeavor will depend on the number of projects that you’re working on. The more projects, the better. In this article, I’ll share with you some effective tips on how you can win the trust of your potential clients and later on, convince them to do business with you.
Give your potential buyers solid proof that you can do the job. Put yourself into the shoes of your potential buyers. Why would they hire you to do their articles? I suggest that you send them some of your sample articles. Make sure that you send the best ones. The goal here is to give these people an idea about your writing skills and convince them that you can deliver exactly what they’re looking for. If possible, offer them to write an article on topic of their choice. Then, put your best foot forward in writing this first article so you can easily impress them.
Charge fairly. Although other buyers are more than willing to pay good money to get high quality articles, you shouldn’t even think about charging $30 or more apiece. You see, there are so many competent freelance writers who are charging $5-$10/article and they deliver great content. If you charge too much, I am pretty sure that you’ll have a hard time attracting buyers to do business with you.
Learn SEO. It will be a huge advantage on your part if you know how to properly optimize the articles you’re writing for your clients. You see, these people are using the articles that they outsource in pulling up their page ranking. So, learn SEO article writing on a deeper level. Your clients will surely be impressed if you know exactly what search engines are looking for and if you can help them make their articles and website more visible in the online arena. Proven track record. Take each article writing project as an opportunity in building good reputation in the online arena. Get your clients to leave great testimonial or amazing feedback by making sure that they’re 100% happy with your article writing service. Write your articles based on their brief or requirements.